Roads End and Lincoln City Citizens Reject City Council Vacation Rental (VRD) Proposal.

Citizens of Lincoln City and Roads End are angry that the Lincoln City City Council has a proposal that will restrict Vacation Rentals (VRD’s) in Roads End, Oregon and Lincoln City, Oregon.  As National Radio Talk Show Host Lars Larson says “It’s an important issue because if the city puts on restrictive rules and regulations, people will be forced to sell their homes and house values will go down.”

At the September 15, 2014 City Council Meeting not one citizen that testified in front of City Council was in favor of the Vacation Rental Proposals proposed by the City Council that take away our property rights. One person that testified was Suszanne Young who made the following observations:

It is extremely concerning that the Mayor, when no decisions have been made by the Council, actually approached potential owners of a property next to his and stated that “they will not be able to rent the property”. Buyers interested in the property were looking to rent it until they retired. It was also concerning that the Mayor’s daughter did the same thing to other potential buyers at the same location. One woman who testified was the property owner and her passionate and desperate requests appeared to fall on deaf ears. I was also concerned that when asked again if the Mayor could maintain a neutral view and would not be biased, he stated he could. Somehow, a Mayor who intentionally “torpedoes” someone’s ability to sell their home isn’t a Mayor I would want in charge of the City. It appears to be underhanded and inappropriate to say the least. I am quite concerned that his actions do not match his commitment to remain unbiased. I believe he has a personal agenda and this is why the Council has not listened to the 99% of the individuals testifying against their proposals and the direction they are headed with the VR issue. As I mentioned, I did sign up to speak after hearing the concerns about the conflict of interest by Council members. I gave the example using myself. I sit on a Board of Directors for a non-profit. If, at any time, a potential conflict of interest on my part arises, I ALWAYS remove myself from discussion and voting. I believe all members of the Council who have a conflict of interest should do the same. This year is the first time in my life that I have testified in front of a City Council, but I feel strongly that the individuals on the Council are extremely biased and not representing the desires of the majority. I encourage neighbors to keep informed and attend these meetings. Although Roads End is “exempt” from these decisions at this time, we will eventually be susceptible to decisions made now, as well as affects to the overall City and tourist industry as a whole. I also encourage you to subscribe to the local News Guard paper if you don’t already. Our property values are already suffering due to this issue dragging on.

Roads End Annexation into Lincoln City Provides Excellent Police Protection

Since the annexation of Roads End Oregon into Lincoln City, the property owners of Roads End have noticed increased Police patrols which makes neighbors feel safer.   It is interesting that the Oregonian Newspaper recently rated Lincoln City and Lincoln County in the Top 10 for the most decrease in crime in Oregon.   This makes the increase in property taxes bearable since the Roads End Crime situation was out of control before the annexation.

So we would like to thank the Lincoln City Police Department for their outstanding support and patrols of Roads End Oregon.

REIA Roads End Improvement Association Annual Picnic is on Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Roads End Improvement Association (REIA) will be holding it’s annual picnic on Saturday August 9, 2014 at 1PM at Wapiti Park.    Each person is requested to bring something to share like a salad or hot dish.   REIA will be providing chicken, drinks with cups, utensils, paper plates and napkins.  To join Roads End Improvement Association (REIA) ,  go to REIA Membership Form.For complete information, including directions, please visit REIA Picnic Website.